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A couple of words about us

Dynamic, young and innovative company able to combine technique, flexibility and creativity. Founded in 2012 from the idea of ​​combining thirty years of IT's experience with the lighting sector, with the mission of designing controlled lighting solutions, able to manage consumption and lighting comfort.

The bet: to focus on the most advanced lighting's technology, through constant product's research and development.

The desire to create something special and unique, through the continuous research and development on shapes and styles, allows us to create innovative products to satisfy highly demanding clients.

A creativity that is developed by company's designers and freelance designers, which is able to create products that are strictly Made in Italy with the aesthetic and taste that derives from it.

Our strength is the ability to create unique and fully customizable products.

We are one of the leading companies in the supplying of customized high quality led lighting for hotels, villas, general contractors and architectural firms.

The synergy with Venetian glassworks and skilled professionals in the sector, allows us to design and implement any type of lamp, from classic to modern.

Our technical expertise is at the service of our customers, even as consultancy.

We collaborate on architectural projects of all sizes with in-depth lighting's environments' studies.



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